It was evident that there was some rust to work out among the players that played on all the teams. However, after several weeks of gameplay, the chemistry should be there. Luis Elizondo and Carlos Perez both played excellent in their debuts as they both scored goals for their respective teams! Jonathan Rubio had one of the most elite defensive performance that we have ever witnessed in the history of the GSSL! Definitely exciting times ahead for these young players!


1. Luis Elizondo +3

2. Carlos Perez +0

3. Jonathan Rubio +0

4. Aarion Johnson -3

5. Omar Lemus +0

6. David Koehler +4

7. David Dettman +0

8. Carlos Cardoso -2

9. Armando Portillo +0 DNP

10. Andrew Ramirez +2 DNP

11. Victor Cortez +2 DNP