The 2017 Golden State Flag Football League and Golden State Soccer League kick off this weekend with 4 action packed games across the board! First, on Saturday we will see the two heavyweights of the GSFFL go head to head in what promises to be a most entertaining matchup! Then the GSSL gets the spotlight with two equally important matchups on Sunday night in the primetime slot after church!!


  • Black Knights vs Green Spartans 2:30PM
    • This game features the TOP defensive player in DJ Chitty (Spartans) taking on the run and gun offense of the Knights! This by far will be the most exciting matchup for the weekend!
  • Golden War Eagles vs Maroon Rattlers 3:30PM
    • We are not 100% sure if the Rattlers will have a FULL roster. This will be a long game if the Rattlers cannot figure out how to guard Drew Brock! (Brett Farve)



  • Maroon Cardinals vs Green Bulls 8:30PM
    • There was MUCH controversy over the trade that ALMOST took place this past week after the GSSL Player Draft! Alejandro Lizardi is STILL a Bull and will hopefully help his team pull off an upset over the heavily favored Cardinals!
  • Yellow Wolverines vs Blue Wildcats 9:30PM
    • The Wolverines already are the BEST team in the GSSL! There is no doubt about that. The question does remain though: can the Wildcats pull off the upset? Team Captain Pablo Cuevas might have something to say about that! We saved the BEST for last!!


The 2017 GSVL has the weekend off due to the ice skating activity tomorrow night, the 23rd! Be sure to join Caleb Turner and Joshuah Unger for the FULL play by play coverage in the 2017 GSFFL beginning tomorrow, the 23rd, at 2:25PM! The following evening, the GSBC Bleacher Report Network will be LIVE at 8:30PM for Week 1 in the Golden State Soccer League!

This weekend is jam packed with incredible GSBC Intramural Sports action! Don’t miss any of the action! Tune into the GSBC Bleacher Report Facebook Page beginning at 2:25PM on Saturday, the 23rd and 8:30PM on Sunday, the 24th!!