We have received word that the trade between the Bulls and the Wolverines has been DENIED! It is reported that a member of the Wildcats convinced the captain of the Bulls to deny the trade due to the amount of unevenness in the trade. Like we said earlier today, it would not take a wise man to figure out that the trade offer was slightly lopsided. Now, we believe that if the trade was restructured, it probably would be fair. With the trade being denied, it keeps an even balance among the four teams and keeps EVERY game highly competitive in the long run!

That leads us to ask the question: will there be another trade offer made? Last season in the GSBL, we saw one of the craziest trades in history that involved a pair of shoes and a candy bar! Only time will tell if more trades will be offered among the four teams! A REMINDER that the soccer season begins THIS Sunday night at 8:30PM PST! The schedule has yet to be released, but we will announce the match ups as soon as we get the schedule!