We do not understand the thought behind pushing for a trade on the same day as the draft. However, the wheels have already been turning for 2 captains in this year’s Golden State Soccer League! The rumor is that Team Captain Jeremiah Lendt, of the Green Bulls, is willing to trade one of his best offensive players to Team Captain Maico Rubio, of the Yellow Wolverines! Here is the deal:

  • Green Bulls RECEIVE: Steven Spillman and Sammy Martinez
  • Yellow Wolverines RECEIVE: Alejandro Lizardi

Now, we understand that this deal still needs to go through our Commissioner, but it would not take a wise person to see that this is slightly a lopsided deal. We also have taken into account for the lack of defensive minded players on the Bulls, but to trade away a Top 5 offensive player for two average defensive/midfielder players?? They are not bad players, but they aren’t as good as Lizardi.

We are curious to see if the Commissioner will accept this trade! It would definitely throw the 2017 GSSL into a tailspin and we haven’t even started the season yet!!

A REMINDER that Opening Kickoff is THIS Sunday night at 8:30PM. Coverage can be seen LIVE on the GSBC Bleacher Report Network via the GSBC Bleacher Report Facebook Page!!