With the team names, team captains and team rosters all set in stone, the ONLY thing that is left is the team schedules! There is rumors that the schedule will be released sometime tomorrow, but that has yet to be confirmed. Obviously, the ideal thing would be to have the schedule released by Friday so the teams have 24-48 hours to prepare for the team that they will be playing. The 2017 GSVL does not begin until next Saturday, the 30th, but the GSBC Intramural Sports Network will be covering that schedule release.

As far as the GSFFL and GSSL are concerned, we will have full coverage of the schedule once it has been released by Commissioner Obstaculo! In recent years, getting the schedules released BEFORE the season usually does NOT happen. Rumor has it that THIS season will be different and  we will have the schedules released before the Week 1 games in all three sports!!