There is a rumor swirling around the campus of GSBC that a former Golden State Flag Football League star is talking about making a return to the field this semester! We have heard many different students around the campus discussing this unbelievable development! It has been reported, not confirmed, that Cleveland, TN native Drew Brock is going to play this season in the GSFFL! Now, mind you, this is JUST a rumor and has not been confirmed or denied. There has been no information released from Drew Brock’s camp, but we are working on getting some accurate information on this development!

If in case this is ACCURATE, it is the BIGGEST news story to break in regards to the Golden State Flag Football League since Pastor Tim Trieber of the Hillview Baptist Church in Surprise, AZ accomplished the incredible feat of 10 touchdowns in his 200_ Turkey Bowl! One might ask, “Why is this a big deal?” Drew Brock is single-handedly the best pure talent that this college seen since the likes of Jordan Gilreath! If in case this is true, it changes EVERYTHING in this year’s GSFFL!