An incredible feat that was only accomplished by the tremendous support of so many people in California, across the United States and around the world! We are honored that we get to have a SMALL part of the incredible ministry that is Golden State Baptist College! It was a dream that turned into a reality back in January of this year! Since January 24, 2017 (238 days and counting); we have tried to increase the level of readability and quality in our articles.

We just have several people that we’d like to thank for helping us get to this momentous accomplishment!

  • Our Saviour
    • We have an opportunity to produce stats, cover games, write articles and keep people informed of the GSBC Intramural Sports Program ONLY because our GREAT Saviour allows us to do so!
  • President Giovanelli and Vice President Oxendine
    • Without their support, we would not be in existence!
  • Former Commissioner Callaghan and Current Commissioner Obstaculo
    • Without their friendship, we would not have the accurate and current sports information to release to the public!
  • Our Team
    • We have a team of 14 people who help contribute to make the GSBC Bleacher Report what it is!
  • Our Viewers
    • We are humbled that over 2,500 different people have visited the GSBC Bleacher Report WordPress Website!! The 28 countries besides the United States and Canada is what really turns our heads! We are not just an American website, we are a worldwide website! To the 390+ people who FOLLOW our Facebook Page, we thank you for your support and your faithfulness to reading our articles and watching out livestreams! The future is BRIGHT for the GSBC Bleacher Report!!



-GSBC Bleacher Report Founder