WOW. Words cannot describe the adrenaline rush that we felt as we watched the Opening Scrimmage in this year’s Golden State Soccer League! The young guys made HUGE statements in their performances on Sunday night and the future looks bright for the GSSL! Alot of big jumps and some surprises in the list, but only time will tell as Week 1 begins this Sunday night, the 24th! Side note: Aarion Johnson let us down in the GSFFL Opening Scrimmage; however, he exceeded and went above and BEYOND in the GSSL Opening Scrimmage! Goal of the night for sure!!


1. Aarion Johnson +0

2. Carlos Perez +3

3. Jonathan Rubio +0

4. Luis Elizondo +2

5. Omar Lemus -1

6. Carlos Cardoso -4

7. David Dettman +0

8. Elizer Mendoza -1 DNP

9. Armando Portillo -1 DNP

10. David Koehler +2

11. Andrew Ramirez -2 DNP

12. Trent Bailey -2 DNP

13. Victor Cortez +0 DNP