We witnessed some dominating performances in what was best described as a “scrambly” Opening Scrimmage. Brian Post and Chris Luna proved that they are here to stay and several players convinced us that this COULD be the BEST GSFFL season to date!! We kind of agreed as a team that it would be unfair to drop the top 2 players just because they weren’t there! Donley and Chitty are still our front runners for BEST player that is not a freshman. We had quite a few players that were NOT in attendance for Saturday’s scrimmage. The question now remains: is there enough players for 4 teams? We will find out tomorrow, the 19th of September, as the draft is set for 1:05PM!


R=Returning Player

N=New Player

DNP=Did Not Play

WNSU=Was Not Signed Up


1. Jon Donley- Junior (R) DNP +0

2. DJ Chitty- Senior (R) DNP +0

3. Jon Keeton- Sophomore (R) +1

4. Ethan McCurry- Junior (R) +1

5. Tim Montiero- Junior (R) WNSU +0

6. Jake Brown- Masters (R) +2

7. Joseph Lalman- Junior (R) +3

8. Ricky Friedly- Sophomore (R) DNP -2

9. Jon Reimers- Junior (R) DNP -2

10. Nate Post- Junior (R) -1

11. Brian Post- Sophomore (R) +11

12. Chris Luna- Senior (N) +1

13. Sam Slattery- Senior (R) WNSU +0

14. Damon Covalt- Junior (R) +1

15. Chad Correia- Junior (R) DNP -4

16. JJ Spillman- Senior (R) DNP -4

17. Robert Hernandez- Sophomore (R) -3

18. Sean Wilson- Sophomore (R) +0

19. Omar Limon- Sophomore (N) -2

20. Ruben Iniguez- Sophomore (R) DNP -4

21. Hamilton Rodriguez- Junior (R) DNP -2

22. Marcus Peterson- Sophomore (R) DNP -2

23. Zane Pope- Sophomore (N) DNP -2