In a game which saw the yellow belt colored team jump out to a 14-0 lead, also saw that lead quickly vanish with 35 unanswered points by the red belt colored team! We were confident that the game was going to be played at a slow pace with a lot of scrambling. We were not wrong. However, we were definitely impressed with several players!

  • Norman Cook
    • Our sports analysts, who told us that Cook would be outstanding, were not wrong! Norman broke through the line for an incredible 43 yard touchdown run towards the end of the 1st half. But it was the poise in the pocket under pressure that impressed. He is definitely a TOP 3 pick in the draft, but we would not be surprised if he goes #1 overall.
  • Chris Luna
    • The big man did not disappoint in his GSFFL debut! He was quick off the line on the defense AND provided his QB with some good blocking up front. He played in the center position for the better portion of the game on the offensive side so we are assuming that whatever team he gets drafted to that he will be the center for that particular team.
  • Brian Post
    • We will admit: we were WRONG about Brian Post. WOW. Single handedly dominated for the red team in victory. He is so quick off the line of scrimmage. He has a football mind. His presence is calming for his fellow defenders and inspiring for his offensive players. He will be a 1st to 3rd round draft pick in this year’s GSFFL for sure!
  • Patrick Seamster
    • What more can we say? The guy opened the 2nd half with a 50 yard kick off return in which he palmed the ball the entire way!! He has hops as we saw in several throws that were a little too high. Obviously not too high for him!
  • Tyler Pettis
    • He was quietly having an excellent preseason showing in the Opening Scrimmage! We liked his hustle and his defensive abilities. Look for him to be a mid-draft pick!


Week 1 begins next Saturday LIVE on the GSBC Bleacher Report Network at 2:15PM! Join Caleb Turner and Joshuah Unger from Montague Park Field for the call!!