Despite the hustle and bustle of Opening Week and the busyness of the First Week of Classes, the GSBC Dining Hall has met and exceeded the expectations of a new semester! Mrs. Burcham and Miss Brittany have raised the bar extremely high for the rest of the semester with prime quality meals that rival “mamma’s cookin’.” One of the fears of many incoming freshman or new students is, “What will the food be like in the Dining Hall?” Well, at GSBC, the staff in the Dining Hall are well equipped and well versed in making, preparing and serving restaurant quality meals!

We just wanted to take a moment of our day and write a THANK YOU post to the staff of the GSBC Dining Hall! We will never understand how difficult it is to achieve and meet the expectations of a 310+ student body as well as 20+ staff members! You are to be commended and applauded by everyone for the excellent work that you all have done so far! We are grateful for the college girls and the two ladies that have given of their time and talents to help feed the students and staff members of GSBC!