For the first time in the GSBC Bleacher Report’s history, we will be covering intramural soccer! This semester is already chalked full with the GSFFL and the GSVL so the GSSL makes it even better! We have provided the Freshman Phenom list for the 2017 GSSL, but this list is obviously subject to change! Keep in mind that the Opening Scrimmage has yet to take place! After THIS Sunday night, the 17th, we will have a better idea of who will shine in the rookie spotlight! This list is based upon what we have heard and what we have seen so far.


1. Aarion Johnson

2. Carlos Cardoso

3. Jonathan Rubio

4. Omar Lenus

5. Carlos Perez

6. Luis Elizondo

7. Elizer Mendoza

8. Armando Portillo

9. Andrew Ramirez

10. Trent Bailey

11. Matthew Coloesanti

12. David Koehler

13. Victor Cortez