The 2017 GSFFL Pre-Scrimmage Player Rankings are finally here! This means that we have received the FINAL, confirmed list of players who have signed up for this year’s 2017 GSFFL! We have added a couple of tweaks to the list to make it easier to read and understand how the player rankings system has been set up! Please make note that out of respect for one of the greatest College Football players in GSBC history, Drew Brock, we did not list his name because he was not on the sign up sheet. We are under the impression that he will not be playing this season; but because he is such an incredible athlete, we just wanted to make sure he received some respect from us at the GSBC Bleacher Report. He would be hands down, lets go home—NUMBER ONE on our list!! Also worth making note, Brad Keeton will be sitting out this year’s GSFFL due to recovery from his torn ACL in last year’s GSBL. He would have been in our Top 3 as well!


R=Returning Player

N=New Player


1. Jon Donley- Junior (R)

2. DJ Chitty- Senior (R)

3. Mac Mayfield- Masters (R)

4. Jon Keeton- Sophomore (R)

5. Ethan McCurry- Junior (R)

6. Ricky Friedly- Sophomore (R)

7. Jon Reimers- Junior (R)

8. Jake Brown- Masters (R)

9. Nate Post- Junior (R)

10. Joseph Lalman- Junior (R)

11. Chad Correia- Junior (R)

12. JJ Spillman- Senior (R)

13. Chris Luna- Senior (N)

14. Robert Hernandez- Sophomore (R)

15. Damon Covalt- Junior (R)

16. Ruben Iniguez- Sophomore (R)

17. Omar Limon- Sophomore (N)

18. Sean Wilson- Sophomore (R)

19. Hamilton Rodriguez- Junior (R)

20. Marcus Peterson- Sophomore (R)

21. Zane Pope- Sophomore (N)

22. Brian Post- Sophomore (R)