The 2017 GSFFL Freshman Phenoms have been finalized! We are VERY excited for this year’s freshman class that will be participating in the 2017 GSFFL! Because this is pre-scrimmage, we are only going by what we have heard and what we have seen in the little time that we have spent with these young men! Obviously we will have a better idea of where to rank everybody AFTER the Opening Scrimmage! Keep in mind that the Opening Scrimmage will be aired LIVE on Facebook via the GSBC Bleacher Report Facebook Page. We will have FULL coverage beginning at 2PM!!


1. Aarion Johnson

2. Norman Cook

3. Dylan Lemmons

4. Patrick Seamster

5. Trent Bailey

6. Micah Pope

7. Thomas Woods

8. Tyler Pettis

9. Stephen Roueche

10. Yong Kim

11. Arturo Lopez

12. Matthew Coloesanti

13. David Koehler

14. Todd Herbert II

15. Drake Hathaway