Some would say that soccer is on the downfall. Previous articles noted that we might be witnessing the fall of soccer at GSBC. However, we are CONFIDENT that THIS season will bring some of the most incredible moments in GSSL history! The list of players has yet to be 100% finalized, but we already a good core group of college athletes that are ready to take a kick (no pun intended) at a GSBC World Cup of Soccer run! 7 days from today, the Opening Scrimmage in the 2017 Golden State Soccer League will take place!

The GSBC Bleacher Report will be partnering with the GSBC Bleacher Report Network to bring you full in depth coverage of the 2017 GSSL Opening Scrimmage which is set to begin 30 minutes AFTER next Sunday evening’s service, the 17th! The team captains will have an opportunity to see WHO they want to help them make a Golden State Soccer League run!! The question is: ARE YOU READY FOR SOME SOCCER???