We have finished moving into the dorms, registration is complete and orientation has taken place! Now, we are ONE week from the Opening Scrimmage of the 2017 Golden State Flag Football League Regular Season! The list of players has yet to be 100% confirmed, but we have a running list of many college athletes that will make their run at a GSFFL Championship! Next Saturday begins the journey of what it takes to win a championship! We will witness 4 teams leaving everything on the field every game! The Turkey Bowl means THAT MUCH! A chance to play under the lights of Thanksgiving Week! A chance to play in front of the entire college student body! A chance to play for GSBC Intramural Sports glory and lore!

7 days from it all beginning and here at the GSBC Bleacher Report we will have FULL in depth coverage of the upcoming football season as well as partnering with the GSBC Bleacher Report Network in broadcasting EVERY GSFFL game on Facebook Live! The Opening Scrimmage is set to begin at 2PM. With that being said, we will BEGIN our coverage at 2PM and get you ready for what promises to be an incredible football season at GSBC! Only one question remains: ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL???