A day after registration and player sign ups for the 2017 GSBC Intramural Sports season and the focus now shifts to WHO will be the captains of the 4 teams in the GSFFL and the GSSL. Commissioner Callaghan and the NEW Commissioner of the GSBC Intramural Sports Program have already been busy at work figuring out WHO will captain the teams this season. Many would suggest that upper classmen would have an opportunity to captain the teams, but other GSBC analysts would say otherwise.

Potentially, we will see a wide variety of classes represented in the captain positions within the 2 sports aforementioned. There is rumors going around that GOALIES will be selected to be captains in the GSSL while QUARTERBACKS will be selected in the GSFFL. This has obviously not been confirmed, but some GSBC Intramural Sports Analysts have said that it is all but confirmed that goalies and quarterbacks will be selected as captains.

We have an idea that it will be a wide variety of positions and or classes represented in the captaincy, but only time will tell. The GSBC Bleacher Report will have FULL coverage of the 2017 Golden State Flag Football League Regular Season AND the 2017 Golden State Soccer League Regular Season! Keep in mind that the Opening Scrimmages begin accordingly next Saturday and Sunday. Saturday at 2PM/5PM EST for the GSFFL and Sunday 30 minutes after the evening service for the GSSL!!