The 2017 GSFFL is almost upon us! We are 24 days away from the Opening Scrimmage which will take place on September 16th at around 2PM. The GSBC BRN will be LIVE on sight with full in depth coverage of the Opening Scrimmage as well as hopefully getting some interviews with the captains, the players, the current commissioner and the NEW (soon-to-be-announced) commissioner! The four captains for this year’s Golden State Flag Football League will be announced once Opening Day is behind us. Speaking of Opening Day, we are just 14 days away from Opening Day at GSBC! Once the team captains have been announced, the team names will be announced! By the time we have the team captains and team names announced, we should be able to release the FULL list of players who have signed up for the 2017 GSFFL! Once the complete list of names is announced, we will unveil our pre-scrimmage player rankings! After the Opening Scrimmage finishes, we will reset and release our post-scrimmage Player Rankings getting you set for what promises to be an absolutely incredible football season at GSBC!!

We are working on getting the complete game schedule released to the general public! Currently, we are trying to get the rights to reveal the game schedule with the dates and times! Once we have received the green light, we will update the GSBC Bleacher Report Universe! The final 2 weeks before Opening Day at GSBC is jam packed with a numerous amount of final preparations for the new semester! These final preparations are not just being made by the staff and faculty at GSBC—these final preparations are also being made by the people of the GSBC Bleacher Report!! The following is a rough time table for the days leading up to the Opening Kickoff for the 2017 Golden State Flag Football League Regular Season!!


September 6th: Opening Day at GSBC

September 12th: Team Captain and Team Name Release

September 15th: Pre-Scrimmage Player Rankings Release

September 16th: Opening Scrimmage for the 2017 GSFFL

September 18th: Post-Scrimmage Player Rankings Release

September 22nd: GSBC College Gameday Week 1 Edition

September 23rd: Opening Kickoff for the 2017 GSFFL