The GSBC Bleacher Report and GSBC Intramural Sports Network have worked together to generate a list of GSBC students who we really hope will play in the GSBC Intramural Sports Program this semester! These students have for whatever reason avoided playing in a sport, but we really hope that somehow, someway they will play this coming semester in either football or soccer! We included a 1 sentence bio describing them:


1. Cisco Gonzalez

  • The ONLY way you can distract him from the goal is with a banana.

2. Nathan Root

  • Be careful what you throw at Root—or there will be a boomerang coming for you!

3. Jarius Bennett

  • Don’t sleep on Jarius—he has lightning quick speed! (Just ask Challenger students)

4. Chris Luna

  • Bob the Bulldozing Builder. He would be a tank on the football field!

5. David Daniels

  • DDR. Dangerous, Deadly, Receiver!!

6. Jonathan Treadway

  • His long stilt-like legs would make him difficult to defend in the corner of the end zone!

7. Gareth Oxendine

  • Son of the VP. What more does he really need going for him??

8. Francisco Sanchez

  • With being one of the loudest fans in the bleachers, Sanchez would make an excellent encourager of a teammate!

9. Chris Jaimes Jr. 

  • Knowing his popularity already, CJ would be one of the most popular athletes in the history of the GSBC Intramural Sports Program—that’s right, we said “ATHLETE!!”

10. Caleb Young

  • He’s not just fast with his fingers on the guitar; he can be quick with his feet on the gym floor too!

11. Zane Pope

  • Last season, we had the Blue Jean Bandit; this season we have the Overall Wearin’ Wonder!

12. Tanner Wheelhouse 

  • What few people know is that Wheelhouse has an excellent mind for soccer!

13. Brian Alvarado

  • We can already hear the announcer’s call when Brian scores, “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOALLLLL AVOCADO!!!!!!!!!!!”

14. Bro. Dan Wis………..

  • The opponent would be too busy trying to spell his last name to prevent him from scoring!

15. Sammy Martinez

  • All we know is: it’s going to be LIT!!!


Comment with a student whom you think we missed!