You might already be thinking, “How can they do a preseason player rankings list when they don’t even know WHO will be there?” Well, when it comes to the players who played LAST SEASON, we are ranking them in the order that we believe they should be ranked. This list has been voted on by our sports analysts and we believe it is as accurate as it gets. We grade on offensive ability, upside and downside; defensive ability upside and downside; team unity and awareness. Together with the GSBC Intramural Sports Network we have formulated this list and hope it will be a good reference guide going into the draft and ultimately into the September 16th scrimmage game. Obviously, this list will not be accurate AFTER the scrimmage. Many players will boost their rankings and put on a performance worthy enough for Super Bowl MVP. However, some players will lose a ranking due to a lackluster performance or not playing in the scrimmage. Ultimately, we will will still have two more preseason player rankings lists to release: one after the draft and one after the September 16th scrimmage game.

Here is the list so far:


1. Drew Brock

  • There is no question as to WHO the #1 football player is at GSBC. The sky is the limit for the Cleveland, TN native as he enters his junior year having just finished a summer of traveling with the GSBC tour group! He set the modern-day record for most touchdowns in a single Turkey Bowl with 8 total TDs. We look forward to the possibility of Drew being a team captain this year so we can see how he will do in picking his team!

2. Jon Donley

  • We argued about the #2 ranking for Mr. Donley, but his ability to also play the  QB role is what tipped the scales over the Canadian Sensation, Tyler Mackay. Donley’s ability ability to break down field and quickly cut back inside is what makes him a dangerous threat to any defense.

3. Tyler Mackay

  • The big question is: how will Tyler follow up his freshman season? The top 3 football players at GSBC were all on the same team last year so they COULD have relied on each other to get over the hump. The raw talent that Mackay possesses is not matchable by anyone. To think that Tyler is only a sophomore, but is basically a junior academically! We need him to slow down so we can enjoy the show he puts on in every sport!

4. Brad Keeton

  • Will he be ready for football? Brad is recovering from an ACL injury that he received in Week 1 of the 2017 GSBL. If Keeton is not ready to return for the GSFFL, we will be okay with that. It would mean that he would receive a GREEN LIGHT from the doctors to play in the 2018 GSBL!

5. DJ Chitty

  • There is little that Donald Jerry Chitty III cannot do. He was affectionately nicknamed, “Tim Tebow” for his running, blocking and catching abilities.

6. Jon Keeton

  • He can quarterback, he can run, he can catch and he can defend. The question is: when he gets upset at himself or his teammates, can he pull through and perform at a higher level?

7. Mac Mayfield

  • Big Mac. Mac-truck. Mac-n-cheese. This guy is the best lineman in the entire GSFFL. He has a commanding presence that is feared by all.

8. Ricky Friedly

  • We caught a glimpse of what Ricky can really do. He had 2 INTS in the Turkey Bowl last season and has the ability to beat the defender down field!

9. Kevin Baker

  • You do not want to mess with Kevin Baker. However, it depends on the week. Some games he plays like Antonio Brown. Other games he plays like Jordan Payton.

10. Tim Monteiro

  • He has a high football IQ with alot to offer a team, but sometimes is distracted by people in the crowd.

11. Ethan McCurry

  • He is a solid WR who can make several key catches a game.

12. Joseph Lalman

  • Most people cannot get past Mr. Lalman on the offensive OR defensive line. He is unmovable.

13. Jake Brown

  • We have a good feeling about the Masters student for this season. He has a high upside and very little on the downside.

14. Rollie Viray

  • We are pretty confident that whatever team Rollie gets drafted to will try to use him as a lineman, but we think he could be a good TE as well.

15. Luke Hakkei

  • The Stylin Hawaiian has alot to offer with his incredible speed off the line. However, he sometimes experiences the common symptoms of “butter fingers.”

16. Jeremiah Lendt

  • We are curious to see how a team will use Jeremiah. He is big enough to protect the QB and yet at the same time he has the ability to catch the ball in short game.

17. Jon Reimers

  • Last year, Jon was on a not-so very good team. We are hoping for his sake that he will be on a better team this season!

18. Adam Roepke

  • He can block and he can provide a good short game threat if used properly by the team captain.

19. John Spillman Jr.

  • Ukrainian Beast Mode. He is something else. Fun to watch on the line of scrimmage, but should only be used on the line.

20. Chad Correia

  • Good lineman. Blocks the QB pretty consistently. A little slow off the snap, but has a good football IQ to assist in protecting the QB.

21. Bryan Rodriguez

  • He has good footwork and the ability to break ankles. Downside is that he is a soccer player first, not football.

22. Marcus Peterson

  • We saw glimpses of his brilliance last season, but unfortunately he was limited in his playing time. Perhaps this season he will get more opportunities to shine!

23. Pablo Cuevas

  • We all know that Pablito has the ability to protect the QB fairly well, but his slow reaction time off the line is his downside. If the team captain would utilize him more in short game, he would make an excellent TE.

24. Damon Covalt

  • Don’t sleep on him. He can protect the pocket and even branch out and catch the ball in the TE position. We are looking to see him get more playing time this fall.

25. Joshuah Unger

  • Now here’s a guy who wears his heart on his sleeve when he plays football. The intensity is real and the effort is 110%.

26. Sean Wilson

  • Just in case people didn’t know, Sean Wilson DID play last year. We believe that he needs to be given MORE opportunities to play though because no one really got the chance to see his full potential.

27. Alex Burks

  • He is not last because he is the worst, he is last because we believe everybody else above him is a little bit better. Alex is an excellent lineman who if given the chance could prove to be a great asset in the short passing game as a TE.


This is just a list of the players that we know are coming back in the fall who played last season in the GSFFL. This list is subject to change once Opening Day arrives, but our Top 10 is definitely set it stone. The talent pool at GSBC is so enormous in the Top 10 that even the next 5 ranked players are technically considered above average in their skill sets! Once we receive the list of players that have signed up for the 2017 GSFFL, we will release another rankings list for returning players and our Freshman Phenoms! After the September 16th scrimmage, we will release our post-scrimmage player rankings which will be our FINAL player rankings before Opening Kickoff! As of today, we are 31 days away from the 2017 GSFFL Scrimmage and only 38 days away from Opening Kickoff in the 2017 GSFFL!!