As we approach the Opening Kickoff in the 2017 GSFFL Regular Season, we take a look back at one of the all time greatest blow outs in Turkey Bowl history! Team Maroon flattened Team Black in a landslide, 62-27! Many people do not remember the blow out. Most people remember the incredible performance put on by then Sophomore Drew Brock. The Cleveland, Tennessee native put up 276 all purpose yards with 8 total touchdowns—one of the greatest performances in the history of the GSBC Turkey Bowl!!

From the headline picture, you can see the all star lineup that WAS Team Maroon. Looking ahead to the 2017 GSFFL, we can almost guarantee that 3 of the players that were on the defending championship team will be captains THIS coming season! These would be the aforementioned Drew Brock, then Jon Donley and Tyler Mackay. Of course, we are just speculating, but this could be a very good possibility. This means that the talent pool in this year’s GSFFL will be spread to every team. We believe that the BEST team won LAST season so this means that all of those players ONLY got better from their success.

With the exception of graduated Masters student, Jerrel Viray, and Freshman student, Matt Morgan, EVERY player on the defending championship team will be returning this fall! We can definitely guarantee a high draft stock will be put on every one of these players even if the aforementioned players on not picked as captains. No doubt about it, we believe Drew Brock is the BEST football player at GSBC. With that being said, we believe Brock NEEDS to be a captain moving forward into this coming season.

All we remember from last season’s Turkey Bowl was how brilliant and dominant Team Maroon was. We are including the team rosters for both teams in the Turkey Bowl to give the reader an idea of how EVENLY matched these two teams were. However, the talent on paper meant absolutely NOTHING when the talent got on the field. It was David vs Goliath on paper and once the game hit the field, David was running circles around Goliath!

Team Maroon: Team Captain Jerel Viray

  • Rollie Viray
  • Jon Donley
  • Tyler Mackay
  • Joseph Lalman
  • Matt Morgan
  • Drew Brock
  • Brian Rodriguez
  • Ruben Iniguez


Team Black: Team Captain Brad Keeton

  • Alex Burks
  • Tim Monteiro
  • Titus Gillespie
  • Ethan McCurry
  • Sam Slattery
  • Luke Hakkei
  • Adam Roepke
  • Ricky Friedly


We cannot wait for the 2017 GSFFL season to begin! We are now at 33 days until the 2017 GSFFL Scrimmage Game and 40 days until the Opening Kickoff in the 2017 GSFFL regular season!! As more news and information is passed onto us at the GSBC Bleacher Report, we will pass it on to the public! We are expecting team names, team captains, the schedule release and some other information that will influence the 2017 GSFFL to be released to us within the next couple of weeks!!