The news first reached our feeds this morning. A GSBC summer student snapped a picture of what appears to be a tree removal at Montague Park. However, this is not just ANY tree. This is the tree that usually gets in the way of the kickoffs and or throws that go along the score table’s side of the field. This is a HUGE development as it will most definitely change the way the game is played this coming semester! There will no longer be any fear of kicking the ball or throwing the ball to the score table’s side of the field.

Now, the question is: why is the tree being removed? From the looks of the picture, it appears that the tree is out of the ground. We are just speculating, but someone MAY have complained about the location of the tree within the park; thus, instigating the city to remove the tree. However, knowing how green the city of Santa Clara is, we can’t imagine the city would just randomly remove the tree from the park without a viable reason. If you zoom in on the picture, you will notice that it appears like the root system is coming up out of the ground so this would lead us to believe that the tree blew over due to wind or the tree was tampered with in some way which caused the tree to fall over.

This will definitely change the way the 2017 GSFFL is played! As previously mentioned, Opening Kickoff is tentatively scheduled for September 23rd!