A growing concern among the soccer fans and players of GSBC is that the Golden State Soccer League “might” be past it’s prime. This story is breaking ground due to the lack of fans and fan participation in last year’s soccer season. The 2016 GSSL featured the lowest crowd attendance in the history of the GSSL! Many might say that this is only because of tests or exams or homework that had to be studied for and completed. However, just 2 years ago in the 2015 season, the GSSL was one of the most talked about leagues in the GSBC intramural sports program. One might ask, “Why does it seem to be past it’s prime? Why are the fans not showing up? Why are the players not performing at the highest level?”

We have composed a list of our thoughts as to why this is the case:

1. Lack of Desire to Play Soccer

  • Unfortunately, many people view soccer as the lower sport. Under basketball and football, soccer takes the bronze in the “Big Three” of intramural sports. An easy way to fix this thought is to make the GSSL Championship Game a MANDATORY attendance by the entire student body. The Turkey Bowl is a mandatory attendance on the last Tuesday before Thanksgiving Break. The GSBL Championship Game WAS a mandatory attendance before this past season. Regardless of that fact, both the football and the basketball championship games generate so much more hype than soccer. We believe the GSSL Championship Game needs to be mandatory to generate more desire from the players to perform at a high level to get the opportunity to play in front of a huge crowd for gold!

2. Lack of Superstar Talent

  • Over the last several years before the 2016 GSSL, GSBC had MANY incredible talents that were featured. Among those were the likes of Jordan Gilreath, Josiah Gutierrez, Anderson Andrevil, Leo Figueroa, Tim Fredericks and Jordan Lendt. Now, we understand and recognize that no school can keep the same players forever; however, that does not erase the fact that these 6 players brought so much buzz and energy to the soccer court—more buzz than GSBC has seen when it comes to soccer in years!! The rivalry between Gilreath and Gutierrez was something incredibly special to watch. We wish that we would have been around to livestream and discuss it! From a modern sense, Lorenzo Varela and Ruben Iniguez are great; but that is just two players! There needs to be a couple more guys that have the ability to spread the wealth of talent among the four teams. Perhaps this season, we will land another “Jordan Gilreath” or “Josiah Gutierrez.” We understand some people will make an argument that Ty Woodard is the future. Let’s be real: His goal to win the gold was not only dramatic, but incredible! Incredible to the point that it was like a fantasy story coming true in real life. Perhaps he will be the NEW FACE of the GSSL! However, one dramatic goal does NOT make you a face. It DOES make you a LEGEND, but not a face.

3. Lack of True Fans

  • If a particular sport has a group of fans that instigate the energy or adrenaline in the gym, the players for that sport will play even better. People will say, “The GSSL has LOTS of fans!” Actually, the GSSL has LOTS of dating couple “fans.” With the curfew hitting at 10:30PM on Sunday nights, the gym fills up shortly after that time. However, the people who fill the gym after that time are not even there to watch the game. They are there to spend more time together. So, if the GSSL can get some people who truly care about the sport, this next season could be incredible!

4. Lack of Hype

  • Where are the people talking about the GSSL? Why is the GSSL an after thought to the “Big Three?” We want the GSSL to succeed. We want the intensity of a back and forth goal scoring battle or back and forth defensive battle. The thrill of that last minute goal to take the lead. The penalty kicks that seal victory. The hype for the GSSL NEEDS to come back, but where will it come from? Someone needs to step up and build the hype right from the get go. Once the draft takes place, the hype should immediately begin!

What player or team will bring the buzz back to the GSSL? We will find out in just a little over a month! We want soccer to succeed! We believe it has the ability to top the GSBL and the GSFFL! The question to be discussed: Is Soccer on the Downfall at GSBC?