Earlier this week, we heard about a HUGE announcement that was going to rock the GSBC Bleacher Report Universe!! Today, we were given the green light to release this new information! The GSBC Bleacher Report and GSBC Bleacher Report Network have teamed together to form a new concept that will be available for the 2017 Golden State Flag Football Season! Beginning with Week 1, the GSBC BRN will air a weekly show that will highlight that particular week’s games. There will be a panel of analysts that will get you set up and ready for the games. Also, those analysts will make their picks for who they think will win the games.

The list of analysts have yet to be chosen, but searching has already begun for this panel of Golden State Flag Football experts! We do know for a fact that the Voice of the GSBC Bleacher Report, Caleb Turner, will be the host of GSBC College Gameday. However, word on the street is that the GSBC Bleacher Report Network will make their announcement via the Facebook LIVE sometime in August with the NEW Commissioner of the GSBC intramural sports program!!

As of now, there is no definite answer on whether or not this show will be on Facebook LIVE or filmed and uploaded on a delay. Whenever this information is released to us at the GSBC Bleacher Report, we will pass it on to our readers! We do know that IF the show is aired on delay, it will be available for viewing on the Friday BEFORE the games. IF the show is to be livestreamed, it will be aired LIVE on Saturday BEFORE the games.

All of this new information is part of a specific plan to make the GSBC Bleacher Report EVEN BETTER than it was last semester. With this being the FIRST fall semester for the GSBC Bleacher Report, we are anxiously awaiting Opening Kickoff for the 2017 GSFFL!!