In an attempt to calm the initial reaction to the shocking announcement that a NEW GSBC Sports Commissioner will be announced in the near future; the present GSBC Commissioner, Commissioner Callaghan, has made it clear that he will still have a role in the decision-making for the upcoming semester in the intramural sports. This comes off the heels of an announcement that shook the GSBC Bleacher Report Universe into thinking that Commissioner Callaghan would no longer be in charge of the intramural sports leagues. We are assuming that this means it will be a co-commissioner role or some kind of a joint commissioner role for this upcoming semester. Whether or not this means the following semester will NOT have Commissioner Callaghan, we can rest assured that he will still be behind the wheel for the upcoming semester.

Nevertheless, a new GSBC Sports Commissioner will be announced at some point in the upcoming weeks. We still are left in the dark as to to WHO this will be, but we are confident that the Board of Governors of the GSBC intramural sports leagues will make the BEST decision for business. When that news breaks ground, we will be right there to update the GSBC Bleacher Report Universe and bring full details behind the signing of the new commissioner!