There is a semi-large contingency of GSBC men that are making a push for the possibility of tackle football becoming a reality in the GSBC intramural sports program. A well known junior college student was quoted as saying, “I would play tackle football if the college started it!” He went on to say that despite the possibility of injuries, he would love the opportunity to play tackle football. Apparently a push for the sport as been going on for many years. Talks have never really reached the President’s desk, but it doesn’t mean that the addition of the sport isn’t possible. The GSBC Bleacher Report is all about starting new things and giving new sports a try. However, we are not quite sold on the possibility of tackle football becoming a GSBC intramural sport. While it would definitely be very entertaining to watch, we can only imagine the amount of injuries that would occur during the course of an 8 game season plus playoffs!

Despite injuries being a reason why tackle football would not work at GSBC, there is also the need for a sufficient amount of pads to protect the players from injury. We imagine that the cost for tackle football enrollment could get up into the triple digits!! While most college men work jobs that pay anywhere from $13 and $18 an hour, a $100 enrollment fee for tackle football does not seem appealing on Opening Day! Plus, it doesn’t count the amount of money that would be spent on hospital visits and dentistry visits!

We can guarantee that the GSBC Bleacher Report would be ecstatic if GSBC added tackle football to its intramural sports resume. But, we’re not sure how that would really happen. Plus, we’re not going to be a heavy supporter of this possibility becoming a reality. If it happens, AWESOME. If it doesn’t, AWESOME. If tackle football is to become a sport at GSBC, a great many things would have to happen! The likelihood of tackle football becoming a sport at GSBC is very slim and would probably take at least 2 to 3 years to get approved and added to the repertoire of GSBC intramural sports!