As many already know, the GSBC Bleacher Report will be covering the 2017 GSFFL (Golden State Flag Football League) this fall! We, like many, are enjoying our summer break, but we look forward to what the fall semester will bring at GSBC! The hype is already beginning as we are making plans to make this year’s GSFFL the BIGGEST intramural sports league that GSBC has ever hosted! We are going to make it possible for families and friends of the players to watch their son, nephew, grandson or friend play EVERY game all season long! As of now, we are predicting that there will be 4 teams in total with anywhere between 10-12 players on each team. Due to the precarious time slot of 2PM to 5PM on Saturday afternoons, it limits the amount of players due to work schedules. However, we are expecting a record number of players for the 2017 GSFFL so we could potentially have 6 teams in the league! If this is the case, we would potentially have to shorten the games due to daylight problems later in the season!

As of today, we are 121 days from Opening Kickoff in the 2017 GSFFL! We will bring updates and special announcements from Commissioner Callaghan as the summer progresses! Ultimately, we cannot wait for Opening Kickoff that will only be heard and seen LIVE on the GSBC BRN!!