What an incredible semester it was at GSBC! There was a revival that swept across the campus of Golden State Baptist College that sparked many souls being saved and baptized! We do not have to stress it enough—we are blessed at GSBC! On the lighter side, the GSBC Bleacher Report was founded and started this past semester on January 24, 2017! Since that date, we have experienced an overwhelming amount of support—so much more than we could have ever hoped for! We have received 240 Page LIKES on Facebook with 278 people who FOLLOW the page. Just last Sunday, we livestreamed the 2017 GSBL Championship Game on Facebook LIVE. The video itself reached over 47,000 people and was watched over 2,800 times!

On our website, we have received a near 33,000 site views! The website has been viewed in 23 other countries besides the United States and Canada! Our most viewed post is The Day of Sadie Hawkins which has generated over 2,400 total views! We are thankful that the opportunity to start this organization was presented to us over 4 months ago! We feel like we have been made a part of GSBC and most of the students have at least read about us online or heard about us by word of mouth!

So the question is: What is NEXT for the GSBC Bleacher Report? We intend to post a couple times a month over the summer; but due to the lack of information that we receive over the summer, we will not have as much to post about. However, starting this coming fall semester, we will begin covering the GSFFL and the GSSL. These acronyms stand for the Golden State Flag Football League and the Golden State Soccer League. We expect to live stream EVERY game with FULL play by play commentary LIVE on the GSBC BRN! This summer, we will begin making plans to set up a play by play booth every Saturday for the GSFL and we will have the 2017 Turkey Bowl broadcasted LIVE across the nation and around the world! In the GSSL, we will be up in our usual booth broadcasting the games LIVE on the GSBCBRN!

We also are going to work on the possibility of having multiple camera angles for our broadcasts! We want to make it even more enjoyable and more exciting for our viewers! We will keep our readers in the loop as to what the next steps are for the GSBC Bleacher Report as well as keep you updated with what is happening over the summer on the campus of the great GSBC!

Thank you again for your incredible support! Please feel free to leave us a comment on the website or on Facebook! We would appreciate it much if you leave us a 5 STAR RATING on our Facebook Page! Please have a great summer and as for the students of GSBC—we NEED you in the fall! So COME BACK and continue doing your part in making GSBC the GREATEST Bible College in the World!


-GSBC Bleacher Report Management