There comes a time when all the numbers, the talking, the build up, the anticipation and the aura of a BIG game must be ended! Numbers don’t lie, but numbers don’t play the game. Talk is cheap. Build up is just to hype the atmosphere for the game. Anticipation causes nerves to be fried with both players, parents of players and friends of the players. Aura is the feeling or the emotion of playing under the lights of a Championship Game! However, all of these aspects to a “BIG game” have NOTHING to do with the way the game is played. 26 games of sweat, blood and tears left on the court! 26 games of ruthless aggression with NOTHING but WINNING on the mind of each one of these players! 26 games with a mark that was being pressed towards: the 27th. The LAST game of the 2017 GSBL. IT all comes down to ONE game with ONE prize for ONE winner with ONE outcome! Win and cement your name in GSBL lore! Lose and you will be forgotten as the runner-up that COULD have been! Regardless of your stance on either team, this is BIG! This is EVERYTHING. THIS IS THE 2017 GSBL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!

It is hard to believe that in two days it will have been 3 months since the opening tip of the 2017 GSBL! EVERY team that played this season has NOTHING to be ashamed of. 6 teams played good enough to be in the GSBL, but only 2 were GREAT enough to make it to the end! #1 TEAM SLATTERY vs #2 TEAM MAYFIELD. Honestly, you couldn’t ask for a better pregame headline! On one side, you have the #1 team with the #1 offense and the #1 defense! On the other side, you have the #2 team with the #2 offense and the #3 defense! It is a match that everyone has been waiting to see take place ONE MORE TIME!

On January 29th, these teams met for the first time in Week 1! The outcome was as dramatic as the fan of the 2017 GSBL could have hoped for! A 42-40 overtime victory for Team Mayfield! In that game, we saw Team Captain Mac Mayfield score a game high 16 points including the game winning basket with 6 seconds remaining in OT! However, Team Slattery would get their revenge in Week 5 with a 40-36 victory! In that game, we saw the brilliance of Jared Kobernat on display as he put up 14 points in the victory!

So now we turn our attention to the Grudge Match! The game to determine who wins the personal rivalry between these two teams AND the game to determine who goes home with the GSBL crown! The stakes could not be ANY higher! Team Slattery is looking to finish with a 9 game winning streak to ultimately finish the 2017 GSBL season at 9-1! Team Mayfield is looking to build off last week’s victory over Team Keeton to finish 7-3! This matchup is so even, but yet so diverse! These teams have strong suits and yet they have weaker spots that can easily be taken advantage of!

Team Slattery moves the ball better than ANY team in the GSBL. They swing the ball to one side of the court and before you know it, they have moved the ball to the opposite side of the court and back again! They beat you from beyond the arc! Hands down the BEST three point shooting team in the GSBL! However, this team can get a little greedy when it comes to shooting the three. When this happens, they might overthink their three point shooting ability and get on a cold streak. THIS is where Team Mayfield MUST take advantage! Slattery’s team lives and dies by the three! IF their three point shooting is ON, then it makes the defense overaggressive at the arc and leaves holes down low for back door cuts and quick give and go’s.

Team Mayfield likes to muck it up in the paint! They are the BEST offensive rebounding team in the GSBL! With Mayfield and Roueche as the twin towers in the paint, Team Mayfield gets ALOT of 2nd chance points! However, if a team like Team Slattery were to box out and grab the defensive rebounds, Team Mayfield might just be forced to start taking outside shots which have been a lower point for Team Mayfield this season. Freshman Phenom Stephen Roueche, Tim Monteiro and Kevin Baker can shoot semi-consistently; however, if the key is closed up and the arc is ICE COLD…it will be a LOOOOONG game for Team Mayfield!

We expect a good game. It will take ALOT to top the Slattery/Roepke match from last week, but we think it MIGHT be possible! Either way, the 2017 GSBL Championship will be presented this Sunday night to one of two teams: Team Slattery or Team Mayfield. Our prediction is Team Slattery pulling out a victory 57-55 in overtime on a last second three by Jared Kobernat. Yes, we THINK it might just come down to a buzzer beater!


    • Team Slattery
      • Drew Brock. He did not play in last week’s semifinal match against Team Roepke so he will have ALOT of energy and excitement to bring to the table for his team.
      • Alex Burks. You might be surprise, but we thinks Burks might just catch fire in a barrel this week from downtown.
    • Team Mayfield
      • Luke Hakkei. He had an abysmal game against Team Keeton, but we think he has saved his best for last against Team Slattery.
      • Mac Mayfield. If they cannot stop him down low, the captain might put up 20+ points!

The game will be livestreamed on the GSBCBRN via Facebook LIVE beginning at 9:30PM!! If the 2017 GSVL Championships run a little late, we will be broadcasting a little later than the original time listed! Be sure to tune into the GSBCBRN as Caleb Turner will have call with the full play by play beginning at 9:30PM!! The link to our Facebook Page where the LINK will be listed is the following: GSBC Bleacher Report Facebook