If everyone can please get a Gatorade, grab a towel, find a seat and take a deep breath because the 2017 GSBL semifinals were unbelievable!! Words cannot describe what we watched on April 23, 2017 as all 4 teams remaining in the playoffs left EVERYTHING on the court! It all began with #1 Team Slattery holding on to defeat #4 Team Roepke in thrilling fashion 55-52!! It concluded with #2 Team Mayfield pulling away from #3 Team Keeton late in the game 43-32! As we prepare for the 2017 GSBL Final which will take place on Sunday, April 30, 2017; we cannot express our gratefulness for such an incredible semifinals!!

In the first game of the night, we saw Team Slattery jump out to a HUGE lead much in part to the bombs that Jared Kobernat was dropping from downtown! Jared led his team with 9 points in the 1st half, but it was three shooting in general for Team Slattery got them ahead early in the 1st half! PSC tells us that Team Slattery made 6 three pointers in the 1st half alone! On the other side, Team Roepke was struggling early to get shots on target! They weren’t even hitting the rim! However, Tyler Mackay did exactly what he needed to do and that was to play selfish! He scored 10 points in the 1st half! With the deficit as many as 18 in the 1st half, Team Roepke pulled off a push to end the 1st half ONLY DOWN 10!! Just 4 minutes into the 2nd half, Team Roepke already had the deficit down to a 2 possession game! It was the resurgence of the freshman fresh off the CL, Bryan Rodriguez! He finished with a team half-high 11 points to help us team tie the game at 2 different junctures late in the 2nd half! However, Jerrel Viray saved his BEST for last with 12 points in the 2nd half to help get his team over the line! The Professor told us after the game that Jeremiah Lendt grabbed the clipboard in the late game inbound plays to get open layups and force Team Roepke to take fouls early! We applaud and congratulate Team Roepke on making this game the BEST game of the season and one of the BEST games in recent GSBL memory!! #1 Team Slattery wins their 8th straight game and will look to make it 9 straight come next Sunday!

In the night cap, we saw #3 Team Keeton jump out to an early lead over #2 Team Mayfield, but it was the brilliance by Tim Monteiro and Stephen Roueche that gassed Team Keeton out! We said it right from the top on our playoff preview that Team Keeton was going to be exhausted by the end of the game due to the 20 minute halves. Last week, had their been any extra time added, Team Mayfield more than likely would have won! However, Monteiro was ON FIRE! 14 points for him with his best game in over a month of GSBL action! Definitely better to save your best basketball till late in the games! Freshman Phenom Stephen Roueche finished with 15 points just adding to his dominance in the 2017 GSBL season! Worth noting, Alejandro Lizardi made his first basket of the season off an air ball by Team Captain Mac Mayfield! The man called STYLES grabbed the ball in mid-air and in one motion put the ball in the basket! On the other side, we haven’t seen so many air balls in a GSBL game since the last time Team Post played…last week… It was definitely evident that this team finally ran out of gas! Their Team Captain Brad Keeton went down with a season ending ACL injury in Week 1. Alex Griffin was put on the permanent CL and Ricky Friedly was on the CL for 4 games! All in all, hats off to Team Keeton for making this season fun to watch! An even greater standing ovation to Team Mayfield for rebounding from back to back losses with a HUGE semifinal victory to go the 2017 GSBL championship game next Sunday night!!

As mentioned many times during the broadcast, next Sunday night, April 30, 2017; we will have FULL LIVE COVERAGE of the 2017 GSBL Championship beginning at 9:30PM with a FULL PREGAME SHOW on the GSBCBRN!Special thanks to Caleb Turner and Sam Slattery delivering the play by play while Josh Chitty and David Daniels ran the camera for us this past week! Caleb Turner will have full play by play coverage while Josh Chitty will be back behind the lens to bring you the 2017 GSBL Championship between #1 Team Slattery and #2 Team Mayfield!!!