Dreams will come true. Spotlights will be turned on even brighter. Legacies will be born. Moments will be created. Game times will be extended to 20 minute halves. The 2017 GSBL Playoffs begin this Sunday night at 8:30PM with the #1 seed Team Slattery taking on the #4 seed Team Roepke. The second game will feature the #2 seed Team Mayfield taking on the #3 seed Team Keeton at 9:30PM. Both games promise excitement for GSBL fans and entertainment for the people that just want to be entertained! Little did we know that Team Slattery would win 7 straight games after losing in Week 1. We could have never guessed that Team Mayfield would have backed themselves into the GSBL Playoffs with back to back losses to finish the season at 5-3. We would have never predicted that Team Captain Brad Keeton would tear his ACL in Week 1 forcing his team to rely heavily on Jordan Lendt to pull out a 5-3 season! Finally, there was no chance that anybody predicted a 2-0 start followed by 0-4 midseason then a 2-0 finish to the season by Team Roepke! With all of these factors, we find ourselves in Week 13 or the GSBL Playoffs Semifinal Week!!


  • #1 Team Slattery vs #4 Team Roepke

    • 8:30PM at Golden State Baptist College
      • Keys to Success for Team Slattery
        • 1. They need to spread the ball. If this team spreads the ball around the court like they have done so all season long, Team Roepke will find themselves watching from the sidelines come April 30th!
        • 2. Work the ball inside to Jeremiah Lendt. Due to the 2 week CL suspension for Team Captain Adam Roepke, Team Roepke only has Nate Patton to protect the paint. If Team Slattery can get Lendt going early in the 1st half, Team Roepke will be forced to bring the double team down low thus opening three point looks for newly reinstated Jared Kobernat, Jerrel Viray and Jon Reimers!
        • 3. Don’t take your foot off the gas pedal. A problem that Team Slattery has suffered with in the last couple weeks, is letting the other team have a chance. We saw in Week 12 that Team Alejo played to the very last second and just about pulled off the shocking victory! If Team Slattery lets Tyler Mackay and or Dexter Tanqueco smell blood, oh boy it could be a close, close game!!
      • Keys to Success for Team Roepke
        • 1. Let Tyler Mackay be selfish. We know, we know. Apparently, we have a “love-fest” for Tyler Mackay. Well, apparently GSBC does or he wouldn’t be the “Face that runs the Place.” How can you help but not enjoy the way he places? He keeps his teammates involved, he scores himself, he bruises it up down low to grab rebounds. However, Team Roepke needs Mackay to be selfish and TAKE OVER the game on Sunday night!
        • 2. Take advantage of the three. Last week, Pablo Cuevas was super hot from downtown! If Tanqueco, Cuevas and Mackay can find a rhythm early, they will have a chance against the #1 seed.
        • 3. Somehow win the paint. With Team Captain Adam Roepke out, it will be a bit difficult to accomplish this task. As much as Roepke struggles to make shots, he still is decent size body that makes players think twice before driving into the lane. The task to win the paint will be on the shoulders of Nate Patton! Now, Patton played out of his mind down the stretch compared to the first 3 games! If he can find his game against Team Slattery, we must just have the BIGGEST UPSET IN THE HISTORY OF THE GSBL!
      • Our prediction
        • Jared Kobernat will go off with 15+ points. Jeremiah Lendt will score 8. Team Captain Sam Slattery will get 10+ points from his bench. Tyler Mackay will be on fire. Dexter Tanqueco will be cold. Jon Horton will make a splash in the game. However, the bench of Team Slattery will make up the difference against Team Roepke! Our pick is Team Slattery over Team Roepke, 51-40! 


  • #2 Team Mayfield vs #3 Team Keeton

    • 9:30PM at Golden State Baptist College
      • Keys to Success for Team Mayfield
        • 1. Get Monteiro going. Last week, we said that Kevin Baker would play out of his mind. He did. This week, Team Mayfield MUST HAVE Tim Monteiro generate offense. He has been ice cold over the last several weeks, but he has a chance to make that all go away by putting up a beast performance in the playoffs.
        • 2. Shut down Jordan Lendt. The only way Team Keeton wins this game is if Jordan Lendt produces enough offense to make up the difference. Stephen Roueche and Team Captain Mac Mayfield MUST not let this happen. IF they can prevent the GSBL MVP from making an impact early in the game, Team Mayfield SHOULD be able to separate themselves from Team Keeton enough to kill any chance at a comeback in the 2nd half.
        • 3. Break the mighty defense. All Team Mayfield has to do is make half more of the shots that they missed in Week 12. Team Mayfield COULD have blown Team Keeton out by 20+ points had they just made 6 to 8 more shots. With the extended halves, Team Mayfield could run the score up pretty high. Mayfield might just go for 30 if he grabs another 16 rebounds!
      • Keys to Success for Team Keeton
        • 1. Score early, and score alot. In Week 12, Team Keeton started the game by jacking up 6 shots in the first 2 minutes of game play. If they can make a couple more of those shots that they jacked up from last week, they will be able to hang with Team Mayfield early. This will involve Jordan Lendt making some layups to stop the runs by Team Mayfield. This will also involve Duke Andrade making some of his long jumpshots that he takes.
        • 2. Fast break it. Jonathan Popovici is one of the fastest fastbreakers in the GSBL! When he gets the ball in the open court off a missed shot on the defensive end, he is at the other end in a flash! If Team Keeton can get him running, he might tire out Team Mayfield. Because Team Mayfield NEVER uses their bench, they might just start getting tired!
        • 3. Shamrock Shake. He not only can make 3’s, but he can get his team and the crowd excited. Hence the reason why we chose him as the Most Exciting Player. Since this game will be played at 9:30PM, there will be ALOT more fans than the first game so it could be quite the atmosphere for a basketball game! If he catches the luck of the Irish with his shiny greenies, Team Keeton might have a chance at the upset
      • Our Prediction
        • Tim Monteiro will start making 3’s from just inside the logo. Team Captain Mac Mayfield and Freshman Phenom Stephen Roueche will both score 15+ points! Jordan Lendt will get beat up down low, but try desperately to keep his senior season alive for 1 more game. Omar Limon will have to be HOT because the Shamrock Shake is going to be ice cold! Our pick is Team Mayfield over Team Keeton, 43-34!

All in all, this is going to be ALOT of fun to watch. The GSBC BRN will be on site with FULL COVERAGE of the GSBL Playoffs on Facebook LIVE beginning at 8:30 PST!