We thought long and hard about the 2017 Regular Season Awards, but some of the picks were too obvious! We will explain ourselves after every pick and then list the runner up and 3rd place finisher for that individual award! There was no one person who chose these players for the award. We at GSBC Bleacher Report got together as a team and picked these awards after much careful consideration!

First we will list the Performance-Based Award Winners! These are the players that won their award because of their performance!


  • 2017 GSBL Regular Season Scoring Award
    • Mac Mayfield: 95 points
      • Team Captain Mac Mayfield averaged 11.88 PPG over the course of the regular season to win the Regular Season Scoring Award
  • 2017 GSBL Regular Season Best Captain Award
    • Sam Slattery: 7-1
      • Team Captain Sam Slattery led his team to an impressive 7-1 record with their only loss coming to the hands of Team Mayfield in a Week 1 OT thriller!
  • 2017 GSBL Regular Season 3 Point Champion
    • Kenneth Baltazar: 18 Three Pointers
      • Kenneth Baltazar may have attempted an enormous amount of three pointers; but nonetheless, he made 18 in 8 games!
    • Runner Ups would feature:
    • Jon Keeton: 14 Three Pointers
    • Jared Kobernat: 11 Three Pointers

Moving along, we will now move to the CHOSEN awards which are decided by the analysts and columnists of GSBC Bleacher Report!!


  • 2017 GSBL Regular Season MVP (Most Valuable Player)
    • Jordan Lendt
      • Many people would argue Team Captain Mac Mayfield and or his tall sidekick, Stephen Roueche for this award. However, MVP is based upon 3 categories: stats, team record and team need. Team Captain Mac Mayfield has more points than Jordan Lendt, but their teams have the EXACT SAME record. The 3rd and final category is the MOST IMPORTANT category which is team need. When Team Captain Brad Keeton went down with a season ending ACL injury, the team turned to Lendt for the leadership needed to pick up the pieces Captain Brad left behind. Without Jordan Lendt, Team Keeton would NOT be in the playoffs. Without Team Captain Mac Mayfield OR Stephen Roueche (one or the other), Team Mayfield would STILL be in the playoffs.
  • 2017 GSBL Regular Season MOP (Most Outstanding Player)
    • Mac Mayfield
      • Hands down, Team Captain Mac Mayfield was the most outstanding player in the GSBL! HE led the league in points, but he also cleaned the house with a ton of rebounds! We wish we would have kept track of the extended stats from the start of the season, but just to finish the last 2 games of the season, Mayfield picked up 23 rebounds including 16 in the Week 12 finale against Team Keeton! He is well deserving of this award for sure!
  • 2017 GSBL Regular Season Freshman Phenom (Best Rookie)
    • Stephen Roueche
      • In our Pre-Season pick for Freshman Phenom, we chose Tyler Mackay. Had he not missed a game with sickness early in the season, things might have gone differently for his game play. However, this pick was a NO-BRAINER! Roueche scored 83 points and played an important role in the paint for Team Mayfield!
  • 2017 GSBL Regular Season DPOY (Defensive Player of the Year)
    • Duke Andrade
      • Team Keeton was #1 in defense until they played Team Slattery in Week 9! However, a big reason why Team Keeton was so tight on the defensive end this season was because they had Duke Andrade! Duke has a court presence that many do NOT have in the GSBL. Just in two games that we kept track of extended stats, Andrade generated 6 steals and 1 block. While we understand that the extended stats were not programmed for the entire season, we feel like Duke was the BEST defensive-minded player in the ENTIRE GSBL!
  • 2017 GSBL Regular Season 6th Man Award (Bench Player)
    • Miguel Gomez
      • Miguel was outstanding off the bench for Team Slattery. Amazingly enough, our only picks for 6th Man of the Year all came from Team Slattery! Gomez finished 21st in overall point scoring with 24 points off the bench! His sparks that he would provide for his team was exactly what Team Slattery needed at different points of the season.
  • 2017 GSBL Regular Season Unsung Hero Award (BEST Unknown Player)
    • Pablo Cuevas
      • Pablo was unheard of for pretty much the entire season. He quietly racked up 21 points in 8 games to finish 24th in overall point scoring! A big reason why we picked Cuevas was due to his Week 12 performance against Team Post. However, we like the style of play that Pablo plays the game of basketball with! He plays the game quietly and doesn’t complain to the refs!
  • 2017 GSBL Regular Season Sportsmanlike Award (Most Class)
    • Nathan Shook
      • We can think of ALOT of players that would NEVER be in the same sentence as “sportsmanlike.” However, we noticed Nathan Shook as a gentleman of a basketball player. He plays the game with a respect for the players and the referees. He treats the game with an understanding that “he is not the greatest thing since sliced bread.” We all wish MORE players would play the game of basketball like Nathan! Oh by the way, he finished with 22 points which is good for 23rd in overall point scoring!
  • 2017 Shamrock Shake Award (Most Exciting Player to Watch)
    • Caleb Turner
      • Our first ever Shamrock Shake Award MUST go to the Shamrock Shake himself! This award is solely based upon who can pump his team up and entertain the crowd at the same time! Turner’s dances after EVERY made three pointer was what won this award! He even inspired several taunting skips and teammate skips from other players! It will be interesting to see what it will take a player to win this award next season!