We received confirmation for a developing story that first broke news several weeks ago and has OFFICIALLY developed into a reality! Numerous confirmations report that the GSBC Soda Machine has been removed from the Commons meaning there is NO MORE SODA in the GSBC Dining Hall! This potential reality has been widely known among GSBC students, but no one thought it would actually ever happen! The reason behind this new idea is to promote healthy beverage consumption on a daily basis BEGINNING in the Dining Hall! This comes off the heels of the Dining Hall finally getting the ability to upload their meal schedules online to a student calendar!

As far as a replacement goes for the soda machine, we are unsure what the replacement will be. Several reports first indicated that some type of juice machine or flavored water machine would be the replacement, but GSBC Bleacher Report is NOT ready to make a solid statement without confirmation from the Kitchen Director and or the Dining Hall Manager. We will continue to update this story as we receive news from our sources!