The 2017 GSBL regular season is officially in the books! 8 games among 6 teams made for some incredible basketball! We saw a team start 2-0. Go 0-4. Then finish 2-0 to MAKE THE PLAYOFFS in the last week of the season. Of course, we are talking about Team Roepke! We also saw a team lose their first game of the season in an OT thriller, but finish 7-0 the rest of the way! Of course, we are talking about Team Slattery! We witnessed the rise of a Freshman Phenom and the dominance of his team captain! We saw unexpected brilliance from bench players. It was a 3 parade for some of the teams while other teams threw up enough bricks to build a mansion! We saw the Blue Jean Bandit, the Man Straight Outta Trinidad, the Professor and the Shamrock Shake all make their presence known in the 2017 regular season! How did Week 12 go?

Team Mayfield opened up the evening against Team Keeton in a potential semifinal matchup! Team Keeton came ready to play as they did NOT allow the Freshman Phenom Stephen Roueche to score at all! It is the FIRST time this season that Roueche was held off the score sheet! We predicted a bounce back game from Kevin Baker and he did not disappoint with 14 points! Team Captain Mac Mayfield scored the other 8 points for his team! However, the story of the game was the defense from Team Keeton! This team was the #1 defense for 5 games until they met Team Slattery in Week 9. Jordan Lendt led the way with 10 points and the Shamrock Shake (Caleb Turner) dropped 9. Team Keeton held onto victory late in the game and pulled off the unbelievable upset! Team Keeton will play Team Mayfield next Sunday night in the 2nd semifinal game at 9:30PM!

Team Slattery was just passing time by playing Team Alejo. However, they had their backs up against the walls until the late stages of the 2nd half! Matt Morgan pulled down 15 rebounds while Kenneth Baltazar dropped 4 treys! It was the ability to spread the ball that eventually won the game for Team Slattery as 5 different players scored at least 5 points or more! Miguel Gomez was a spark off the bench with 7 points and The Professor himself was the team captain that his team needed to hold onto the win! With 5 seconds remaining, Baltazar hit his 4th three pointer and made it a 1 point game. However, there was only 2 team fouls against Team Alejo and they needed to get the ball back without losing much time. Team Slattery was able to successfully in bound the ball 4 different times and ice the game with an airmail pass the length of the court! Team Slattery had already clinched the #1 spot with Team Mayfield losing, but they cemented their dominance with improving to 7-1 on the season! Oh and they were without Jared Kobernat the last 2 games of the season and still won both! He will be back for the playoffs! Team Slattery will open the playoffs against Team Roepke at 8:30PM next Sunday night, April 23rd.

Team Roepke knew what they had to do! It was win or go home! Very simple. They could thank Team Slattery for giving them the opportunity to control their own destiny in the night cap. However, we were not impressed with the Hernandez brothers of Team Post. Ari and Jeremias Hernandez both decided to sit out and leave their team hanging. Instead of finishing the season like men, they threw in the towel and quit on their team! We are not impressed at all. They were watching from the stands with their girls. Unacceptable from a “respect for the game” standpoint. Needless to say, the game was not close AT ALL! Pablo Cuevas WENT OFF with 3 from downtown and a finishing stat line of 13 points! Tyler Mackay was 1 assist away from 10 assists and Team Captain Adam Roepke dropped a season high 8 points in the win! Unfortunately for Team Roepke, their team captain will be on the CL for the remainder of the playoffs. Unless Commissioner Callaghan or Dean Oxendine lifts the CL, Team Captain Adam Roepke will be unable to compete in the semis OR the finals. From a losing standpoint, Carl Baltazar did all he could with scoring 10 points! Pete Scholl dropped 8.

We were VERY impressed with the way Team Keeton won their game against Team Mayfield! Next week’s semfinal game between these two teams is going to be ALOT of fun to watch for sure! Team Slattery took care of business and will look to cool off the streaking Team Roepke as the playoffs begin NEXT SUNDAY NIGHT at 8:30PM! GSBC BRN will have the games once again on FACEBOOK LIVE beginning at 8:30PM!