We have just received word from the offices of Commissioner Callaghan that the halves in the semifinals will be 20 minutes with the clock running until the 2 minute warning! This is a HUGE change in time compared to the 15 minute running halves in the regular season! This has its pros and cons for all 4 teams involved in the playoffs! Stamina will definitely be a KEY to the teams that do not have a deep bench. Team Slattery definitely has the advantage as they have a VERY DEEP bench and have ALOT of players to choose from. Team Mayfield and Team Keeton do not have a very deep bench, but they play against each other so it might not matter. However, we are definitely concerned with the stamina of Jordan Lendt, but he might just have ONE MORE spark to finish his college career! Team Roepke has a long bench, but we wouldn’t necessarily say it is DEEP.

This definitely shakes things up a bit when it comes to game plan and game play! We are anxiously awaiting the start to the GSBL playoffs as it will tip off at 8:30PM this Sunday night, April 23rd!