We have finally made it to the end of the season! One last week and it MIGHT just be the BEST week that the 2017 GSBL has to offer us as fans! There is 1 spot left in the playoffs and two teams will be fighting in separate games to claim what they believe is THEIRS! It is very hard to believe that 7 games in 11 weeks have taken place and yet we still have a situation where 2 teams are desperately fighting to get into the playoffs. We have listed the playoff scenarios and just in case you have not seen them, we will attach the link in this article: 2017 GSBL Playoff Scenarios Week 12

However, let’s forget about playoff scenarios for a few moments. This race to the #4 spot is literally going to come down to WHO wants it more. We know that Team Post is 1 more loss away from finishing 0-8 on the season. So, we are not ready to mark Team Roepke down for a win to go to 4-4. We have also received information from an unidentified source that Dexter Tanqueco will NOT be in the lineup for Team Roepke this Sunday night. This COULD prove to be a very tragic situation when it comes to SKILLED depth. On the other side, we know that Team Slattery figuratively has the #1 spot locked up barring a massive blow out by Team Mayfield over Team Keeton which is highly unlikely. So, Team Slattery MIGHT not play with as much intensity. On top of that, Jared Kobernat is serving his 2nd game suspension due to being on the CL. On a side note, being placed on the CL all but cost Jared Kobernat his chance at being the 2017 GSBL Freshman Phenom.

So, we conclude with Team Keeton who still has a shot at #2, but would need a 21 point victory to get that mark. There biggest win of the season came against a beat up Team Roepke and that was only by 10 points! What Team Keeton can hope for is an excellent game played on BOTH sides of the ball and hope to gain enough experience that will help them going into the playoffs as their opponent will MOST LIKELY be Team Mayfield.

Now, who are WE looking out for in this FINAL week?


  • Team Slattery: Jeremiah Lendt
    • Word on the street is that Lendt Jr. is DUE for a break out game when it comes to points. Last week, Jeremiah put up some great defensive numbers with 5 steals; but also came through with 5 assists. We are not exactly sure how he will stack up against Jon Keeton down low, but we definitely would like to think that he has a little bit of a size advantage.


  • Team Mayfield: Kevin Baker
    • He is overdue for a break out game. He has played consistent, but not complete. We are anticipating an excellent game from him against a beat up Team Keeton. Oh by the way, he pulled down 10 rebounds last week! We just think points-wise, he is going to rack it in Sunday night!


  • Team Keeton: Caleb Turner
    • Turner did not play against Team Mayfield in their FIRST meeting of the season. We think the magic from the Shamrock Shake MIGHT just have ONE MORE burst of energy on the season. If he’s cold on Sunday night, Team Keeton might just not have enough to beat Team Mayfield.


  • Team Alejo: Matt Morgan
    • Don’t look now, but Matt is starting to make a case for the Freshman Phenom runner-up award! If puts in another all-star like performance against Team Slattery, we might all be doing the “southern draw” as Morgan gets the Freshman Phenom runner-up!


  • Team Roepke: Tyler (The Face) Mackay
    • With all the pressure in the world on his back, he carried his team to a HUGE MUST-WIN victory over Team Mayfield. If there was a time that Mackay was needed most, it was last Sunday night! As the point guard, he was 1 rebound away from a double double with 9 total rebounds! He also scored a team high 14 points! However, they need him ONE MORE TIME. Does The Face that Runs this Place have one more magical moment left in him?


  • Team Post: Alec Hofmeister
    • Where did this guy come from??? Literally, he just appeared out of nowhere in Week 10 and shocked ALOT of us with his tenacity on the glass. He scored 10 points and added 3 assists against the league’s #1 offense and #1 defense! The Man Straight Outta Trinidad is looking to get his team on the board with their FIRST victory of the season; however, they will be playing against a desperate Team Roepke in Week 12!