We at GSBC Bleacher Report are thankful for this NEW opportunity to add a new aspect to the GSBC BR! We have consulted with several students and are thankful for their willingness to participate in the beginning stages of the GSBC Bleacher Report Network! These students will assist us in bringing the GSBC intramural sports to Facebook LIVE!!


  • Alyssa Neal
  • Rachel Matthews
  • Lauren Gibson
  • Nicholas Butcher
  • Chris Jaimes
  • Josh Chitty
  • Joshuah Unger
  • Pablo Cuevas
  • Caleb Turner
  • Alejandro Lizardi

We would ask that whenever these students are recording LIVE on Facebook, that the conversation and communication with the Live Contributors would be at a MINIMAL volume. They will be LIVE on Facebook not only in America, but around the world so just keep that in mind when you are interacting with these students while they are recording LIVE during the intramural games!

Lastly, we would like to thank everyone for the support that has been given for this NEW project, NEW opportunity! We do not take it lightly that we not only support, but represent the greatest Bible College in the entire world! We are excited for what the future of the GSBC Bleacher Report will bring and we are anticipating great things in these last 3 weeks of school, finals and graduation!