We are currently working on finalizing a deal that would create a NEW branch to the GSBC Bleacher Report! This new branch would be the GSBC BRN or the GSBC Bleacher Report Network!! The new addition to the BR would assist us in bringing the GSBC intramural sports to a live audience on Facebook! In doing this, we will be recruiting several college students to accept the role of “Live Contributor” on the GSBC Bleacher Report Facebook Page. Having this role would only allow the individuals to post LIVE videos on the Facebook Page. Obviously, we are not looking to reveal ourselves to these people that will be chosen; but we will assume that these individuals will be labeled as being the “Bleacher Report.” This is why we will be announcing the names of the people that will be assisting in filming and or recording the games for us!

With the addition of the GSBC BRN, we are hoping to expand our vision to more than just a simple video on Facebook Live. We want to bring the 2017 GSBL Championship Game to the world on Facebook Live with Play by Play coverage from a broadcaster! We already have contacted the individual that we want to be our Play by Play broadcaster for the championship game! He has agreed to do it and we will announce his name as the days get closer to the 30th!

We are excited for the future of GSBC Bleacher Report and the GSBC BRN! We will be testing Facebook Live with the pivotal Week 12 games this Sunday night! Be sure to tune in at 8:30PM for the 1st of 3 games on the evening!