We watched Team Slattery take care of business while Team Mayfield fell apart late to the desperate Team Roepke. Team Alejo handed Team Keeton their 2nd consecutive loss and Team Post continues to lose. We are curious to see how the end of this season will end with the gazillion playoff scenarios that will shape themselves in Week 12, but we are positive with our Power Rankings after Week 11! Team Slattery will stay nestled nicely in the #1 spot, while Team Mayfield maintains the #2 spot. However, Team Alejo has won back to back games and 3 of their last 4 so we are putting them in the #3 spot ahead of Team Keeton. Team Keeton will sit in the #4 spot going into Week 12, but that is only because they have lost back to back games. Team Roepke is in the #5 spot, but played the BEST WIN of the season in a MUST WIN situation against Team Mayfield! Team Post is STILL in the #6 position after a 12 point loss to Team Slattery!


1. Team Slattery

2. Team Mayfield

3. Team Alejo

4. Team Keeton

5. Team Roepke

6. Team Post