Week 11 had two of the best games we’ve seen this season! An incredible effort by the short-staffed Team Keeton fell short in the dying seconds against Team Alejo; and Team Roepke with the WIN OF THE SEASON against the #2 team in Team Mayfield! We have been put to rest by the way Team Roepke played! WOW. The passion put forth by DJ Chitty and the dominating resurgence from Tyler Mackay led to the gutsiest performance of the season!! According to PSC, Nate Patton pulled down 12 rebounds! Mackay pulled down another 9 boards! We cannot say enough about Team Roepke’s performance against Team Mayfield! In the night cap, Team Slattery took care of business despite the impressive performance from the newest addition to Team Post, Alec Hofmeister! 10 points from the Man Straight Outta Trinidad!!

Team Alejo played against the #2 defense in the league and put up an impressive 34 points! Jon Keeton led the way with 11 points while Matt Morgan dropped 8 points! In the losing effort, Team Keeton played an incredible defensive game with ZERO subs! Duke Andrade led the way with 12 points with the Shamrock Shake and Jordan Lendt brought up 2nd with 6 points apiece!

Team Roepke’s performance has already been glorified so we turn to Team Mayfield’s numbers. Team Captain Mac Mayfield led the night with 14 points while Stephen Roueche threw down a fast break dunk which eventually led to 8 total points.

In the night cap, Drew Brock led the way for Team Slattery with 8 points while Jerrel Viray came up with 7 points. Team Post found a scoring machine in Hofmeister with him scoring 10 points! Jeremias Hernandez finished with 6 points!

Going into the deciding Week 12, there is ONE SPOT left as Team Slattery has sealed the #1 spot. Team Mayfield has clinched the #2 spot. Team Keeton is clinging to the #3 spot, but they clinched a playoff spot despite the loss. The deciding playoff spot will come down to OVERALL POINT DIFFERENTIAL between Team Roepke and Team Alejo as BOTH teams contain the same record at 3-4 apiece. All we can say is, this is going to be an INCREDIBLE finish to the season as Team Roepke will be trying to run up the score against Team Post AND Team Alejo will go head to head against the #1 team, Team Slattery! WE. ARE. HYPED!