The 2017 spring semester at GSBC is basically over! Our last FULL week of school is coming to an end tomorrow with 2 partial weeks remaining. News was released 2 days ago that NEXT Friday will be a DAY OFF school! With that in mind, there is NO MORE complete weeks of actual classes! We love stats at GSBC Bleacher Report so we have compiled the amount of class days and actual days left regarding the 2017 spring semester at GSBC!


  • Counting tomorrow, there is ONLY 8 more CLASS days left in the semester.
  • Finals begin on Thursday, April 20th so there is ONLY 14 ACTUAL days until Finals begin! 2 weeks from today!!
  • Graduation is set for May 3rd! This means that we are LESS than 4 weeks away or 27 days away from graduation!
  • For some people, this means that they are only 648 hours and counting from getting to see their family!


This semester seems to have flown by ALOT faster than others! We are thankful that we have been able to have a small part in the livelihood of the students at GSBC AND the families that the students represent! We are definitely excited to finish another semester of school and we will be looking for MORE ways to make the GSBC Bleacher Report EVEN MORE enjoyable moving forward to the future!!