With 2 games remaining for each team, the push to the 2017 GSBL Playoffs are in full swing! With seedings and playoff spots still up for grabs, it will be interesting to see how the matchups go this week for the 5 teams still competing in this year’s GSBL!

  • Team Alejo is coming off a HUGE victory against Team Roepke and can wrap up a playoff spot with a victory against Team Alejo. Jon Keeton, Matt Morgan, Kenneth Baltazar and Mark Alejo are ON FIRE and we would not be surprised if they all were in double figures on Sunday night. With momentum running high for Alejo’s boys, they could be a dangerous team to play come playoff time! With that being said, Team Keeton is just coming off being dethroned as the league’s #1 defense! They definitely have the ability to shut a team down! As we saw in Week 2, Team Keeton held Team Alejo to ONLY 28 points while Team Keeton scored 34! So, it is VERY possible that Team Keeton could pull off the upset! However, Team Keeton needs Duke Andrade to be better! We have not heard much from Andrade in the last 2 games so we are expecting a break out game for him! On a side note, Ricky Friedly is unable to play due to being on the campussed list and there was NO Shamrock Shake from Caleb Turner in the game against Team Slattery—the magic might have run out! Oh and as of now it looks like Team Captain/Coach Brad Keeton will not be there due to being on the campussed list. Things look bleak for Team Keeton after their 4-1 run!


  • If there was EVER a MUST WIN game for a team this season, it is definitely Team Roepke! We are at a loss of words as to what has transpired for them this season! They started out with an excellent against Team Alejo for the win! In Week 2, the scratched and clawed their way to a victory over Team Post! But after those 2 victories, the wheels have fallen off! They have lost 4 straight games including 2 blow out losses and a game where they only scored 14 points!?!?! Who is to blame? There is a myriad of names at fault. Team Captain Adam Roepke struggles to stay consistent despite his height advantage over just about everybody on the court. Tyler Mackay’s early season magic and dominance has appeared to run out! Dexter Tanqueco has shriveled up to next to nothing when it comes to scoring! A positive for Team Roepke is that Nate Patton has turned into a scoring machine. Team Mayfield is trying to keep pace with Team Slattery for the #1 seed in hopes that the juggernaut in Team Slattery will collapse for one of the last two games! We cannot say enough about Freshman Phenom Stephen Roueche, but at the same time—we still believe Team Mayfield would be 5-1 WITHOUT Roueche. Team Captain Mac Mayfield would be well over 100 points on the season if Roueche was not on the team and it would open up opportunities for Tim Monteiro and Kevin Baker to produce at a higher level when it comes to point scoring! Regardless of that fact, Team Mayfield has the Freshman Phenom and he is GOOD!


  • Revelation 9:12 says, “One woe is past; and, behold, there come two woes more hereafter.” For Team Post, 6 woes is past; and behold, there come two woes more hereafter. This is a team that was destined for failure after the horrendous trade that took place in between Week 1 and Week 2. By the way, the trade was:
    • Marcus Peterson, Chad Correia and Ben Otovo for Kenneth Baltazar, Matt Morgan and a pair of shoes.
  • Quite possibly the WORST TRADE in SPORTS HISTORY!!! Honestly, we feel like Team Post would be 2-4 and competing for a playoff spot as oppose to Team Alejo. Instead, Team Post WILL finish 0-8 on the season and WILL be the laughing stock of the entire GSBL! On the other side of the fence, Team Slattery is in line to put the smackdown of the century on Team Post this week! We are predicting 60+ points this week from Team Slattery! However, Jared Kobernat is on the campussed list for this game and NEXT WEEK. Regardless, Team Slattery is going to destroy Team Post this week. IT will be sad to watch as a fan of the GSBL.


Our predictions this week are as follows:

  • Team Alejo 41 Team Keeton 30
  • Team Mayfield 43 Team Roepke 36
  • Team Slattery 61 Team Post 22