The 2017 GSBL Regular Season is quickly coming to an end. With 2 games remaining for the six teams involved, we take a look at the different playoff scenarios that are hanging in the balance moving forward to Week 11.


  • Team Alejo vs Team Keeton 8:30PM
    • This game has huge implications for Team Alejo. With a Team Alejo victory and a Team Roepke loss, Team Alejo will clinch a playoff spot and eliminate Team Roepke from playoff contention. The reason why this seems highly possible is because Team Keeton is looking very beatable and weak going into Week 11. On the other side, Team Roepke plays a powerful Team Mayfield with a #1 seed still reachable for Team Mayfield!
    • If Team Keeton wins, they will clinch a playoff spot. If Team Keeton wins AND Team Roepke wins, Team Alejo is still alive due to the possibility of a match up/point differential tie break scenario which would come down to Week 12!


  • Team Roepke vs Team Mayfield 9:30PM
    • Team Roepke is in free fall mode with dropping their last 4 games by a combined 54 points. This a MUST WIN game for Team Roepke in order to cling to a realistic playoff opportunity.
    • Team Mayfield is trying to keep tabs with Team Slattery for the #1 spot. With a win and Team Slattery loss though highly unlikely, Team Mayfield would hold their own destiny going into Week 12 for the #1 spot!


  • Team Slattery vs Team Post 10:30PM
    • Team Slattery is on a 5 game win streak since their Week 1 OT loss to Team Mayfield. We don’t expect the leagues NEW #1 defense to have ANY problems against Team Post in the night cap! Team Slattery controls its own destiny for the #1 spot UNLESS they lose 1 of the next 2 games.
    • Team Post is mathematically eliminated because Team Alejo won in Week 5 to hold THAT tie breaking scenario. Even if Team Post runs the table and wins out, they could only finish as high as 5th in the standings and that is IF they can beat Team Roepke by 8+ points! Right now, Team Post is JUST playing for pride.