As we begin to make our descent in the 2017 GSBL season, we are seeing the true dominance of Team Mayfield and Team Slattery, the rise of Team Alejo, the unfortunate truth of not-being-good-enough for Team Keeton, the collapse of Team Roepke and the embarrassment of Team Post!

The rise of Team Alejo has been generated by the Team Captain, Mark Alejo! In the blow out victory over Team Roepke, Alejo showed up with an impressive 15 points! As much as we ripped on his gameplay in the early part of the season, we are confident that Captain M will get the Turnaround Player of the Year Award at the end of the season! He has scored 26 points in his last 3 games, but it has been his ball handling and court vision that has helped his team to being winners in 2 of their last 3 games!

Team Mayfield struggled with a capitol S in the first half against Team Post! With the score 18-12 at the end of the first half and the possibilities of the game being 15+ in favor of Team Mayfield, Freshman Phenom Stephen Roueche took over in the 2nd half with 10 easy points! When we say easy, we mean uncontested layups and or jump shots! Team Captain Mac Mayfield AND Freshman Phenom Stephen Roueche combined for 25 of their team’s 38 points!

Team Slattery was on fire to start against Team Keeton-less and then coasted their way to an impressive 39-19 victory over the league’s top defense. Team Captain Sam Slattery and Jared Kobernat combined for 17 of the 39 points, but it was an overall team effort that caught OUR attention. We saw Miguel Gomez nail a sick floating prayer over the outstretched arms of Jordan Lendt to end the game! Oh, and he made the ensuing free throw for the completed 3-point play! Jerrel Viray and Jon Reimers were making buckets as well!

As of now, it is looking really good for GSBL fans young and old when it comes to April 30th! The 30th of April is the GSBL Championship Game and right now it is looking like Team Mayfield and Team Slattery are on a collision course for the BIG DANCE! On the fringe is Team Keeton and Team Alejo, but we do not think they have what it takes to compete with the likes of Team Mayfield OR Team Slattery!