Week 9 brought about some fairly high scores in the three games played! We watched an exhibition of spreading the floor from Team Mayfield! 4 players were in double figures while Team Captain Mac Mayfield put up the Week 9 high with 19 points! Team Keeton used a 2nd half of the 2nd half push to propel them past the NOW 0-5 Team Post! Jordan Lendt bruised up a 15 point effort and came up big in the 2nd half with a 3 that helped put Team Keeton put them over the top! Team Slattery put an impressive 49 points and beat Team Roepke by 27!! Team Captain Sam Slattery is an offensive genius as he spread the scoring around amongst 8 different players!!

As for the losing teams, Team Alejo was without star, Jon Donley due to chorale; however, we enjoyed the performance that Matt Morgan put forth and he earns his team’s MVP honors for the week. Team Post fought bravely and fought to the bitter end. IF Team Roepke had come back to beat Team Slattery, Team Post would have been mathematically eliminated from ANY playoff hopes! However, their slim playoff dreams are still alive! They MUST win their last 3 games and pray Team Roepke does NOT win any more games and Team Alejo would only be able to win 1 more! As for Team Roepke, They won against Team Alejo and then Team Post, but have now lost their last 3 games to drop to 2-3 on the season. For the first time this season, Tyler Mackay looked human. We are wondering if he is battling an injury OR if it is just due to a lack of playing over the extended time off! Regardless, Team Roepke is in DESPERATE need to turn this thing around and FAST!

In conclusion, we appreciated Alejandro Lizardi picking up his 2nd career GSBL point with yet another made free throw! In the 2nd game, Ruben Iniguez had a sick turn around fadeaway while Caleb Turner danced all over center court for a 3rd straight game! Marcus Peterson put up an impressive 4 points which is to sure bring his Freshman Phenom status up a couple spots! In the night cap, we liked the offensive explosion from Alex Burks as he played with a desire and fire that we had yet to see this season! Miguel Gomez had a massive rejection while also scoring 4 points!

Week 10 will bring our match of the year candidate as the offensive kings in Team Slattery will face off against the defensive kings in Team Keeton in the night cap! Team Roepke will lead off against Team Alejo while Team Post is sure to need a miracle from Heaven as they face Team Mayfield in the middle game!