The 2017 GSBL is BAAACK!! We at GSBC Bleacher Report are definitely excited to be getting back to covering the 3 games on Sunday night! This week, the Top 3 teams will be facing the Bottom 3 teams! We do not expect much of a contest in the Team Mayfield/Team Alejo match or the Team Slattery/Team Roepke match; but we are expecting Team Post to play their hearts out against Team Keeton! With this being a MUST-WIN game for Team Post to keep a realistic chance at getting that #4 seed alive, Team Post will leave it all on the court! Team Mayfield and Team Slattery should have ZERO problems in getting their 4th wins of the season!

Our Players to Watch this week are:


  • Team Slattery: Jared Kobernat
    • We are expecting the #2 Freshman Phenom to put forth an excellent effort in an attempt to take over the #1 Freshman Phenom spot! Kobernat should get the green light quite a bit in the game against Team Roepke and since the guards for Team Roepke are smaller—Jared might be able to drive and pull up more often than not! Do not be surprised if Kobernat puts up 15+ points this week!


  • Team Mayfield: Tito Fuentes
    • We have been disappointed with the amount of playing time that the bench of Team Mayfield has been getting. Because of THIS fact, we haven’t seen enough of Fuentes to get an idea of how good he is! We are expecting Tito to get some looks against Team Alejo. We are also confident that Team Mayfield will need to use their bench quite a bit on Sunday night because Team Alejo smells blood after their first victory of the season in Week 5!


  • Team Keeton: Jordan Lendt
    • Everyone knows how dominant Jordan Lendt is! There is no one who is questioning his ability to ball up! He is 3rd in the entire GSBL when it comes to points with 42! In Week 3, he injured his back. In Week 5, he scored 10 points all while suffering from the back injury! This week, Team Keeton is going to be in an absolute grind against Team Post! They will need to rely on Jordan to get them some hard-earned buckets down low! Jordan will put up 20+ points for the 1st time this season!


  • Team Roepke: DJ Chitty
    • He had an off-week against Team Keeton, but it was probably because Team Keeton put him through the grind! He had just come off the heels of scoring 4 points in each of the first 3 games! Unfortunately for him, Team Keeton shut him down! Turning our sights to Team Slattery means DJ will be in another scrap-fest contest down low! We are predicting Chitty to record a new season-high in points!


  • Team Alejo: Jon Donley
    • Donley has proven this season that he is definitely a Top 5 player in the GSBL! He is 5th in the entire GSBL with 37 points and with a HUGE game looming against Team Mayfield, Team Alejo is going to need a 110% effort out of Donley! He has an exceptional amount of court-vision! We think he will put up 10+ points and assist in helping his team attempt to beat one of the league’s best in Team Mayfield! Expect a thrilling duel between Jon and Tim Monteiro!


  • Team Post: Josh Brown
    • He sits all alone in 13th place with 20 points! He has provided the offensive spark that Team Post has needed at different parts of the season! However, Team Post is not a very deep team and they only have 2 or 3 players who can actually score on a semi-consistent basis! One of these players is Brown! With their season on the brink of elimination, we think Team Post is going to get an excellent effort from Josh which might even see him reach 10+ points for the 2nd time this season! We are still predicting a Team Keeton victory, but Josh Brown might have something else to say about that!