GSBC Bleacher Report missed last week’s Staff Member Spotlight, but we are making up for it by highlighting the Maintenance and Facilities Manager (not Supervisor) of NVBC/GSBC: Bro. Kevin Padillo.

Bro. Padillo was born in Stockton, CA. He was raised in Manteca, CA and went to church at the great Central Valley Baptist Church! He got saved when he was 18 and decided to come to enroll at GSBC to get a Bible education! He came in the fall of 2005 and graduated in the spring of 2009. He started working in the Facilities department of GSBC while he was attending GSBC, but received an even bigger role upon graduation. He met his now wife, Sabrina in Bible college! They have 3 kids: 2 girls and 1 boy.

Bro. Padillo has used his infinite amount of talent in an incredible way! In our opinion, he is one of the stalwart figures of NVBC/GSBC! He is always here and is always working hard for the church and the college! He directly oversees the maintenance department. This involves repairing furniture, fixing appliances, painting, meeting contractors, landscaping, taking out garbage, installing appliances, pressure washing, etc. etc. Basically, you fill in the blank with anything that happens on the campus of NVBC/GSBC and Bro. Padillo has probably had a part in that something at some point in his tenure at NVBC.

He is directly responsible for the training of the young men who work on the maintenance department. Many young men have been taught by Bro. Padillo on how to fix different appliances and build different projects. He determined that he was going to be the BEST employee of NVBC, but he goes above and beyond and considers it his ministry! He is a Man of God with a desire to serve God!

GSBC Bleacher Report is extremely thankful for Bro. Padillo! He is never in the spotlight and is definitely not appreciated enough for what he does! For those of you that attend GSBC and or are a part of NVBC or GSBC in any way—be sure to thank Bro. Padillo for all he does for GSBC and NVBC!! He deserves it!