Despite the official Sadie Hawkins Day being celebrated on November 9th, SHD will be celebrated on Saturday, April 15th at GSBC!!

GSBC Bleacher Report will be covering SHD this year and are looking forward to highlighting the dozens upon dozens of SHD couples that will be participating in this year’s SHD festivities! We will offer FULL coverage of SHD this year as it is definitely a highlight on the GSBC activity’s list!

What we mean by “FULL coverage” is that we will list WHO asks WHO out to Sadie Hawkins. However, we are NOT going to speculate. We will ONLY post what actually happens! So far, we know of 45 Sadie Hawkins couples that have already been set in stone.

  • Michaiah Herbert asked out Ricky Friedly *Omar Limon
  • Shaquita Myers asked out John Morven
  • Alyssa Neal asked out Gareth Oxendine
  • Allison Watson asked out JJ Spillman
  • Mekennah Moyer asked out Andrew Linder
  • Jessica Cook asked out Joshua Chitty
  • Abigail Lemma asked out Joseph Lalman
  • Marilyn Scholl asked out Jon Keeton
  • Kaitlyn Wiggins asked out Tim Monteiro
  • Samantha Jimmie asked out Bryan Alvarado
  • Lauren Gibson asked out Brian Post
  • Michaela Raisley asked out Jonson Yoshimura (Kumi)
  • Candace Respicio asked out Matt Morgan
  • Allison Williams asked out Chris Luna
  • Shay Emerson asked out Tito Fuentes (Chapel)
  • Cara Mendenhall asked out Nathan (Bob) Mowery
  • Ashley Hinton asked out Mike Russell
  • Rachel Matthews asked out Nicholas Butcher
  • Judith Carlos asked out Caleb Baltazar
  • Amanda Brown asked out Jacob Brown
  • Lizeth Salinas asked out Steven Spillman
  • Kimmy Keefer asked out Ethan McCurry
  • Marissa Shiflet asked out Nate Patton
  • Mikayla Humbarger asked out Aaron Snyder
  • Natalia Popovici asked out Nathan Shook
  • Bethany Brown asked out DJ Chitty
  • Leia Villanueva asked out Chris Lee
  • Hope Tanacio asked out Jon Reimers
  • Aundria Tanuiyan asked out Tyler Mackay (The Face)
  • Samantha Cook asked out Jordan Lendt
  • Ashley Romero asked out Mac Mayfield
  • Tara Koehler asked out Joseph Scott
  • Julia Westich asked out Dan Wisniewski
  • Charlene Ilan asked Jerrel Viray (Her Brother)
  • Ashlene Howard asked out Robert Hernandez
  • Sandra Bazan asked out John Castro
  • Claudia Venegas asked out Francisco Sanchez
  • Rachel Legere asked out Nathan Post
  • Angela Lopez asked out Paul Mateo
  • Natalie Galang asked out Keliek Stewart
  • Lindsey Bullfinch asked out Sam Slattery
  • Brittni Friedlander asked out Luke Hakkei
  • Alanah Gilreath asked out Neil Rossouo
  • Brandi McGallard asked out Jarred May (Chapel)
  • Caitlyn Wheaton asked out Drew Brock

We will not be posting ANY other posts about Sadie Hawkins…we will ONLY be ADDING to THIS particular post. So, for more information on Sadie Hawkins couples—recheck this post daily for new updates!

3/28/17—We are greatly impressed with the amount of girls that are asking out guys! We are still 18 days away from Sadie’s and FIFTEEN guys have already been spoken for!! WOW!!!

4/3/17—We lost a Sadie’s couple today, but that’s okay because that now means she doesn’t have to pay!!

4/8/17—The Face that runs this place has been asked out! With 1 week remaining until SHD, there is definitely a competition going for the most famous couple of GSBC! President vs Vice President!!!

4/14/17—Due to the CL being enforced for Sadie’s, *Omar Limon is filling in for Ricky Friedly with Michaiah Herbert.

4/14/17—Also worth noting, Lindsey Bullfinch asked out Sam Slattery for Sadie’s in the spring of 2015! They are still dating and Sadie’s is how it began! Who will be the next Sadie’s couple to go on and date seriously?? We are pretty close to finding out!