After 3 straight weeks of no GSBL, this Sunday night will feature the return of the GSBL! GSBC Bleacher Report is expecting a bit of rust from the players; but with the season making it’s final descent towards the playoffs, this is no time to go wobbly!

Week 9 promises 3 exciting matchups in the GSBL:

  • 8:30PM—Team Alejo vs Team Mayfield
  • 9:30PM—Team Keeton vs Team Post
  • 10:30PM—Team Slattery vs Team Roepke

As far as playoff scenarios, this is a “decision time” week for Team Post because there are ALMOST in a MUST-WIN situation! A loss against Team Keeton would drop Team Post to 0-5 and make the last 3 games ALL MUST-wins. With their next 2 games after Week 9 being against Team Mayfield and Team Slattery, we can expect them to lose BOTH of those games. However, IF they were to get some help from the Top 3 teams, it might allow them to get into the playoffs in the #4 seed due to Team Roepke and Team Alejo POSSIBLY losing some games down the stretch.

Our predictions for this week are a WIN for Team Mayfield, Team Keeton and Team Slattery which would ALMOST lock up a playoff spot for ALL 3 of those teams. The best thing Team Post can hope for is to WIN EVERY GAME the rest of the season! The problem that Team Post will run into is next week in Week 10. Team Alejo and Team Roepke will face off in quite possibly a winner take-all for that LAST playoff spot. This is all hypothetical, BUT the window is closing for Team Post.

In closing, we will release our Players to Watch later in the week! Also, be looking for some GSVL articles as the GSVL spikes back into action this Saturday!!