The 2017 spring semester is NOW in a sprint to the finish! With President’s Day, Pastor’s Conference and Spring Break all behind us; the road to graduation and another school year finishing is just around the corner! With 22 days of actual classes left, it is definitely important to take in EVERY moment that we as students can possibly take in! For the seniors, it is only a matter of time before you will be walking across the platform, getting your diploma and taking the next step in your life!

We at GSBC Bleacher Report are thankful for this year’s graduating class which includes some fantastic seniors and some incredible Master’s students! When Wednesday May 3rd comes to an end, there will be a massive hole left in the front lines of GSBC! We will definitely experience an amount of mixed emotions that has not been felt since last May. However, the future looks bright and the LORD has His hands on this place!

It is hard to believe that the GSBC Bleacher Report was started 56 days ago! We are thankful for the support that we have received over the past 2 months, but we have no intentions of this being a short-term project! We will continue to do what we can to add a twist to the intramural sports of GSBC and provide a different outlook from a student’s perspective for fellow students, family, friends, graduates or others who are considering GSBC for their future!

In conclusion, we MUST finish these last 4 weeks of school with a determination that has yet to be seen this year! We MUST commit in our hearts that we will do better in our classes than we’ve ever done! We MUST strive for excellence down the stretch! We MUST put the pedal to the medal and finish strong!